casey01 thanks for your responses to my last question. I knew that two subs are better than one for evening out the varies frequency within the room and that this would be beneficial. So it sounds like old school options is all there is. Sub placement,volume control, phase control, matching each sub together with each other,along with matching them to the remaining speakers.

I'll be placing one sub on the left mid wall, with the second being placed on the right rear corner where the walls intersect. The way my family room is set up(along with WAF)these are the only options for placement I have. Now with that being said, from what I have read, these are generally considered prime spots for placement. Either mid points on side walls, or front and back walls diagonal to each another. In my set up I'll have one of each.

The subs I'll be going with is Rythmik E-15, with a 550W amp plate. These are servo designed subs(with rave reviews from many owners) putting out clean,clear,crisp sounds. I also locked in before their last price increase. This amp(550W)is offered up for $100 less than the standard 600W amp. Plus they offer up a 10% discount on a multiple sub purchase. I also like the fact that they are 15" drivers as well.
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