I finally got a Plasma…..!! Please bear with my enthusiasm; I have had a 60” DLP since 2000…
So, to my question, what equipment racks do you guys use? The equipment I have is as follows.
Amp X3
Blu-ray player
Cable box

I am thinking about a horizontal salamander equipment rack, this way I can put all of the components below the Plasma. I will also be able to get a shelf for my vp-180. Salamander can do custom heights for the additional shelf so the 180 will have room. Below are the items I am thinking about.

This rack.
With one of these.
I would get the riser legs cut to a custom height of about 10” this would give me ¾” of clearance for the VP-180, and I would probably leave the back off. With the Riser, I can put the plasma on top of the riser.

Right now I have the VP-180 leveled out, and the plasma is sitting directly on the 180.
Below is the Plasma.

Any other ideas, or brands i should look at? I have some other Salamander stuff, and it is pretty nice.