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Through my research, I see that many audiophiles opt for what I consider to be obscenely expensive CD players from brands like OPPO that cost over a thousand dollars US.

Actually, within the Audiophile community the Oppo product is a bargain at only 1,200$... the Oppo 105, bests many 4,000$+ CD players…. It’s all about perspective. To some a 500$ cd player is a ton of cash, to others they wouldn’t bother with the “cheap” 500$ players…
Case in point.

The Oppo 103 is one of the best deals around right now. I have a good friend who has one, he compared it to several of his other player, he could audibly notice a difference. He could also visually notice a difference on Blu Rays.. I was personally torn between the 103 and the 105, I REALLY wanted the 105. However, like John eluded to.. I don’t think I would actually notice a difference.. If all you are doing is playing CDs and have no interest in the other services that the new products offer, then I would say stick with what you have.. If you think you may want to stream, or have a Blu-ray player.. Then get the 103.

Honestly, Oppo is the only optical media player manufacture I would consider…