Thanks for the replies. I have had a couple of minor setbacks since taking delivery of the LFR's and I was looking for information of how the LFR's sounded because I knew it should be better than what I know the M80's can do. On my initial set up I wasn't impressed at all however found out that I had a few problems that needed to be and so I have not had much time running the speakers with the DSP. What I have heard I have been happy with and I will provide more information as the weeks move on.

I have played them extensively without the DSP and absolutely loved them. I have had a couple versions of the M80, and although I have used different amps this current set up has better control over the base than I did with the M80.

Since I put up the original post I have been in contact with Axiom and we are working to get my setup tweeked. I know that my concerns are being addressed.
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