I have a Pioneer Elite 84 receiver. I also have a Nad power amp to run my front speakers. My speaker set up is M80 front, VP150 center and QS8's for rear. My room is 15 wide by 21 long with 8foot ceilings. I cannot get the sound I am happy with.

- what speaker settings do you recommend ? I have fronts at large and the rest at small.

- every setting Ive tried, music sounds like its coming from a ... speaker, if that makes sence. Im trying to find that ( close your eyes and having the sound, sound REAL or live ) if that makes sence. Also... watching a Nazareth Live DVD last night... drummer hit the cymbal a few times to start off the song and I did not hear the cymbal through my system.. WTF ??? I have cheaper sub and have the cross over set at 60, same as my fronts.

Any suggestions on what Im doing wrong or what I should be doing ? Vague question I know... but maybe its something simple Im missing. The symbol crap is bothering me.