I'm laying out the floor plan of my new home theater. The room isn't all that large, 11' x 23', so I'm trying to maximize the space, and realize there will be compromises.

I plan on building an infinite baffle subwoofer behind an acoustically transparent screen. The center channel is pretty much going to have to be behind that screen too, so I figure that'll be an in-cabinet M80. It'll be mounted in the wall that is functioning as the baffle for the sub.

If I decrease the width of the screen, the left and right speakers could be placed in front, but I'd really like for the screen to be as wide as possible. So if it wouldn't hurt things too much, the L&R would also be in-cabinet M80s, and be behind the screen with the center.

What do you all think? I know there are not that many in-cabinet owners here, but am hoping for a little bouncing around of thoughts.
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