Ever since he heard my Axiom system, the father of my (now ex-, but that's another story) girlfriend was inspired to bring his vintage Marantz/B&W gear into the new millennium. He was soon convinced that he needed something called a receiver to get going, so we found a nice used Marantz sr6004 for him to buy. (For some reason, Marantz has always been popular in the Netherlands and it's often easier to find a good deal on a Marantz than, for instance, a Denon.) We thought it'd be nice for him to still use his old, heavyweight pm16 to power his B&W 802s and I told him he could use the pre outs of the sr6004. What we found, however, is that we had to turn the volume of the pm16 almost all the way up to get decent sound -- or at least much higher than when using the old stereo amp with a cd player. Was this to be expected? Or is the signal from a receiver's pre out supposed to be stronger than that? Could we be overlooking something? Thanks for you insights!