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...now that i see these speaker for 1/2 the b&w's price...

...450€ is still allot of money for me. (And a set of B&W 685 cost only 100€ more...

Your math is very confusing. crazy

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Heard from somebody about Axiomaudio...

...And this all based on one article

Again, confusing. You initiated the dialog based on "something", and I was just trying to add another data point.

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what about if something goes wrong during transport

Then you would have a claim against the shipper, and Axiom would make it right with you quickly, I'm sure.

Where are you residing? Perhaps there is someone nearby with Axioms that might let you have an audition.

We like all kinds of speakers around here. Lots of people have purchased and enjoyed the M3's. But you seem to be looking for reasons NOT to buy them instead of reasons to try them.

I've owned a number of Axiom products (M60, M2, VP100, QS8) and been completely satisfied with them. I've heard most of the rest of the Axiom lineup at some point. I've owned or had extended, in-home auditions of speakers by Klipsch, Mirage, KLH, Boston Acoustics, Polk, B&W, ADS, Rocket, KEF and others I'm sure I'm forgetting. My opinion is that Axiom makes very high quality products at a very reasonable price.

I wouldn't hesitate to purchase M3's if I were in the market for that type of speaker.
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