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Anyone ever meet the 400 watt limit and measure the db at any given distance?
I don't know that I'll need the extra power in my next room.

The amp i am using for my front drivers is rated for 1200W @ 2ohm, the amp i'm using for my rear drivers is rated for 500W @ 4 ohms.

The front amps is a Krell FBP300cx, the rear amp is a krell KAV 250A. My normal volume is about 90-95db in the room, with peaks well over 100db... My room is a great room that is about 17feetX18feet..

Clean power is the most important thing, Clipping is what does damage to speakers, not power....

With that being said, i will admit, i have way more power than i need... But, i'm ok with that :~)