I would much rather buy a new product rather then used. The reason for this i mormally buy the best i can afford and keep it forever! I know there are great deals on the used market but I haven't really considered it.

As for the other amps mentioned i have looked at NAD and Anthem and have settled on the Bryston above them.

I also did look a 6BSST2 however it is out of my price range. if the 4BSST2 is good the 6B had to be better since it had the extra channel! MSRP's are the following

3BSST2 $4295 2 channel 150 watts into 8 ohm
4BSST2 $4995 2 channel 300 watts into 8 ohm
6BSST2 $7995 3 channel 300 watts into 8 ohm

So the 6B is way above my price point. I do have a good price on a 4B from a dealer so i would say by the end of the week i will be placing my order.

Epic 80 - 500 system in 7.1
Denon 3808CI