Given the subs are low freq. does it really make a big difference ?
I cannot daisy chain the subs. SO, I use a Y adapter coming out of the amp now.
I have a friggin Pioneer VSX 1252-k ( SC-32 equivalent ) Had a Denon 3808, however lightening hit the house and took it out. Yes, had it on a surge protector, but, had it in the wrong friggin circuit andit was a bypass.
Anyways, the insurance company, didn't think I needed a 4 ohm amp for my highly priced speakers I guess, had to send pics and info on them. Needless, to say after a few days, he agreed a 8 ohm (normal ) amp wasn't enough. So, he offered to replace it with this amp and I said yeh ok.

Enough rambling, that is to be replaced this summer with either a Anthem 500 or a Marantz 6007 and a Emotiva XPA 3.

However, the Anthem is a 7.1 and the Marantz is a 7.2. and just wondering "if" the .2 is that much of a noticeable difference ?

PS, house is finally being built and the movie room is
13.6'W x 18.5'L x 8' H
I will sit 11 ft from the fronts. The M80 will be about 6" off the back wall and about 1ft from the side. The Side QS8 are 6.5 ft my sitting position and the rears are 5ft.

PS, not sure if I am going with the VP160 or VP180, yet and I am seriously looking at the Martin Logan Depth One, Just not suite sure yet, may go with dual EP500 or SVS 12 plus.
I heard the ML and it really kicks butt

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Pioneer sc-1525
M80 HG Cherry