I am about to build a new house and I would like to have some ceiling speakers through out and a pair outside. I am at the beginning stages of planning. I want something simple and was looking at the Sonos system. I picked up a Sonos Connect amp that is 55wx2 and hooked them to my Algonquin outdoor speakers. I really like how it has all the internet radio stuff preloaded and is super easy to control via my iphone. It sounds pretty good too but I feel it could have a little more power maybe. It could be that its outdoors and inside would be better.

What I am debating is:

Should I have the sonos amped units all over the house close to the speakers they will drive with 55w (master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garage). I will have axiom in wall M3s in the ceilings and the Algonquins outside and garage.

Another thought is all the non amped sonos connects in a central spot with a axiom ADA-1000 8ch running the 4 zones I plan to have with 125w to the same speakers.

Is that too long of runs for speaker wire to warrant the added power. Do I really need that added power? I have not heard what 55w will be like in a room and I also dont know how the inwall sounds vs the Algonquins.

Another side question...can a M3 be setup with a lower ohm rating to get more out of the sonos 55w amp?

Thanks for any input.