I started a lot of thread making a few months ago about uograding all my equipment and movimg into the 21st century of high fidelity home theatre. The original plan: buy a complete m80 theatre system minus subwoofer, buy a svs pb13-ultra, buy either the marantz sr5007 or the pioneer sc-61 to be paired with my rotel rmb-1095(with plans to replace with am emotiva xpr5.

well after many other expenditures, I will have to build in pieces. First piece...my new marantz sr5007! smile im new to almost every "feature" it has. After hooking it up the other day and running audyssey half assed, im already blown away. I put on skyfall blu ray through my ps3 and played through my existing 5.0 setup(no subwoofer frown ). It sounds like I have new speakers. The difference is amazing. Sounds much more detailed, precise and smooth. I grew accustomed to tailoring my sound before through an equalizer, which has now been removed, and the "oomph" I was used to having with my d8 cerwim vegas, which I ver much liked, isnt there unfortunately. But when the bass does hit, its much better...if that makes sense lol

This weekend I will be ordering 2 m80's smile eventually the centre and a subwoofer will come next.

i'm so looking forward to placing my order this weekend smile
2 Axiom M80s v3
1 Axiom VP160 v3
2 Paradigm ADP-150
Pioneer SC-61
Rotel RMB-1095
51" Samsung Plasma