Good memory. All the HT equipment was plugged into Brick Wall surge suppressors and I had issues with the EP500 and both Emo pieces - ironically it turned out to be blown fuses in the low voltage DC sections of the equipment, not the higher voltage AC sections (primary fuses). I did lose one amp section (single 150W) and was able to buy a two channel amp (75W each) to replace it, so the new amp is powering the rear surround speakers. I pulled the matching 150W amp section and have been slowly going over the bad one one resistor at a time. I found one resistor that had exploded, so as soon as I can find the correct resistor, I'll get it replaced and continue troubleshooting. If i can get it up and running, I'll have two 150W amps to build a stereo system... so goes the idea anyhow.