Don't know why I did it but, last night in an idle moment, I took a look at the outlandish comments about Axiom on the Audioholics site. Unfortunately, the only thing that I succeeded in doing is raising my blood pressure. It seems that Gene an others at Audioholics are at it again. This time their vitriol is being poured onto an apparent alliance between Axiom and storied Canadian hifi manufacturer, Bryston. According to the information on the Audioholics site, using Axiom hardware, Axiom and Bryston are producing a suite of speakers at premium prices. The discussion goes downhill from there. For pages and pages, Gene and others heap scorn onto Axiom and the quality of its gear. They dump on on the Bryston brand saying that it is selling substandard Axiom equipment to the public. I raise all of this because I cannot imagine that the unsupported allegations on the Audioholics site can be doing much good to either Axiom or Bryston. Frankly, it's all pretty distressing.