Hello, fellow Axiom fans! This is my first post here. I've been lurking around on these boards for a while now but I finally created an account because I wanted to get some much-needed advice!

I had a set of garbage satellites and a very cheap subwoofer as my 5.1 home theater setup - all running off of a Denon 2808. So far, I have replaced the mains with M22's and I have replaced the sub with an SVS PB12+. I'm now looking to upgrade the rest of my system and this is where I'm still not sure what I want to do.

Option 1: Get a set of M60s as my front channels, move the M22s to surround, and use a VP160 as the center channel. I guess the only worry I have with this option is that I would be using the M22s as surrounds, instead of the QS8s. The M22s would be wall mounted using FMBs, off to the side and about 2 feet back from the main listening area.

Option 2: Keep the M22s for the fronts, Get some QS8s for surrounds, and get a VP160 for the center. My biggest concern with this option is how the M22s would sound with the VP160. The VP150 is not an option (I had one and while I didn't hate it, I only loved when I was sitting directly in front of it).

Any advice that anyone here on the boards could offer would be greatly appreciated!