Hello, I'm in desperate need of help or suggestions. I just purchased my first set of axioms, m80s, about 2 months ago. They are hooked up flawlessly just so this is clear. This is NOT a connection problem.

They are biwired and have been since the beginning.

They have worked perfect for almost 2 months. And now, when I need them more then ever(lots of horrible stuff going on in my life and really needed some loud music tonight), I go to turn them on and realize that my right axiom is working, but only the midranges and tweeters. My subwoofers are dead

It's not the source material, it's not the wiring and obviously must be the speaker. Is there something I can do to get the subwoofers in the right channel working again? I'm desperate.
2 Axiom M80s v3
1 Axiom VP160 v3
2 Paradigm ADP-150
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