Since the launch of the LFR1100 it has received incredible accolades from owners and reviewers who have heard what this speaker can do. The concept of creating an omnidirectional speaker where there was total independent control over the front and rear sections has enormous advantages over both conventional front firing loudspeakers and the standard way in the past of trying to divide the signal analogue in the speaker itself for the front and rear.

Given the success of the LFR1100 Andrew and I decided it was time to both expand the line and come up with a solution to needing pre-amp outputs on your receiver (if you did not have a dedicated pre-amp already). The obvious way to expand the line was to add omnidirectional versions of the M60 and M80 models. The designs for these models, the LFR660 and LFR880, are now complete and we will begin shipping them in mid-December. Since we are also introducing High Powered versions of our M60 and M80 for mid-December, there will be High Powered versions of the LFR660 and LFR880 available also. You can toggle between the two versions on the product page for each. With the advent of these two new models we will phase out the standard powered version of the LFR1100 so it will be in the High Power version only like the M100.

Here is a shot of the LFR family from the front:

And from the rear:

One thing that came up numerous times with hooking up the LFR1100s was the need to have pre-amp outputs on your receiver to get the front left and right signal to the DSP – not everyone has them. We wanted to solve this issue so we developed a DSP that had a High Level input that could be run from the speaker outputs of any receiver. Taking this one step further we also decided it would be sensible to offer an all-in-one unit that included the amplification. The obvious way to do this was to include the DSP in an ADA1000 amplifier (there is not enough space to do this in an ADA1250 or ADA1500 amplifier so they will still use the separate DSP either with or without the High Level input). We then decided to go even one step further and have a version that had a pre-amp built right into it. With this version you have 3 source inputs on the rear and a selectable switch for each on the front of the ADA1000 pre/power amp. There is also a volume control and balance control on the front. By selecting this DSP/pre-amp/amp option you have a ready to go stereo system. This now gives us five DSP options in Customize Yours for each of the LFR models as follows:

DSP1 – High Level and RCA inputs, RCA outputs.

DSP2 – XLR and RCA inputs, XLR and RCA outputs

DSP3 – XLR and RCA inputs with Centre Channel input, XLR and RCA outputs with Centre Channel

LFR1000 DSP/Amp – High Level and RCA inputs, Speaker level outputs

LFR1000 DSP/Pre-amp/Amp – 3 RCA source inputs, Speaker level outputs

These models will also have a new 10-year warranty; double the current 5-year. To kick things off we are making a spectacular offer to anyone who places a pre-order between now and the end of October. LFR660 and LFR880

Ian Colquhoun
President & Chief Engineer