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All of Canada should be proud.

Visual: They are big, in a majestic way.

Sound: My first impression was "wide open middle". Think Nebraska. You could drive a truck across the sound stage. The separation between instruments and individual voices is the very best I have ever heard. Presence presence presence. Every sound is exactly where they should be. You never associate the music with actually emanating from the speaker. For all your ears know, the speakers are just wooden boxes in the room and even as big as they are, you are going to forget about them.

The bass is boss. Deep and clean.

Percussion instruments are a joy. They arrive with precision and leave gracefully. Brass instruments and saxophones were eloquent and ultra realistic. These speakers are amazing. I am a little angry with myself that I didn't take part in the upgrade offer. How much better than the 80's could they be? For the way that I enjoy music and movies? Ten times better. I am that smitten with them.

I agree, the M100 have what would make the M80's perfect ...extra bass or more lower end. the bass is not overwhelming they just add that extra low end.
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