Just moved into a new house, and am planning to move the old HTIB into the rec room, and build a good system for the new family room. From everything I've read, the Epic 60 setup (M60, QSS8, VP150, EP350) would be awesome. I could swing the price, but (like anyone) would obviously like to pay less.

I've been looking around at boxing day sales, and saw these Klipsch towers and center deeply discounted at Future Shop: KF-26b, RF-800b, and RC-62.




These appear to be roughly comparable to M50, M60, and VP150, but significantly discounted and with higher sensitivity (as is apparently common for Klipsch). So I'm considering getting this center, one of the pairs of fronts - I may buy both and decide whether the RF800 are worth the extra money - and then add QS8s and a sub, probably saving around $1000 compared to the Epic 60 package, depending on which fronts I went with.

Anyway, just hoping to get some opinions. Are the Axioms worth the difference? Are these good deals on the Klipschs?

I'll probably be picking up this AVR: http://www.futureshop.ca/en-ca/product/p...152b52abc1en02.

BTW, this looks like a pretty sweet deal on Polk RTIA9s too, but I expect they'd need an external amp to really shine: http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/p...062e2e73fe8en02