I need some help with this decision. I'm long winded so bear with me. A couple years ago my wife bought me a Samsung BD C-6500 for Christmas. I installed it alongside my Oppo 980H. We own some Blu Rays but mostly rent them from Netflix. I am astounded by the audio quality of the Blu Rays. I have a lot of concert DVD's. I tend to play them on my Oppo because I "think" it does a better job of upscaling the video and I "think" it does a better job of processing the audio. I have played these DVD's in the Samsung and I "think" there is a difference. In a blind test I doubt I would know which machine was being used. I am buying a Roku and tweaking my system, having two players sometimes causes confusion for the wife and kids, happened again yesterday. So, your well respected opinions please, would you retire the Oppo?