It has come to my attention that there are a few beer drinkers that frequent these forums. What you may not know is that there are very few publicly traded "craft brewers". There are 3 to be exact with the most well known (and a Wall St. Darling) being Samuel Adams.

Recently, a North Carolina Brewer, AMB, Appalachian Mountain Brewery (for all you northerners - the "a's" are pronounced with a short 'a' sound) became the 3rd when they went public with IPO of .20. The price has reached as high as $9.00 but currently hovers around $5.00. The symbol they now use is "HOPS".

They have excellent beers and we keep a rolling stock of growlers with some of our favorites. In fact, they have a beer to suit most any taste. If any of you are in Boone, I highly recommend a stop in and taste test. Their "flights" are a good way to sample the current "on tap" selections. The Brewery is located just off the main drag just across the creek from the mall.

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