a few days ago i installed a new amp for my 2 front speakers.

when the installation was finished, i realized that the speakers were not
in phase, so i inverted the connecting wires at one of the speakers' connector.

all was fine until the time came for Audyssey calibration.
Audyssey said my front speakers were out of phase. i ignored the advice and went on with the calibration, knowing they were in phase.

what i would like to know is the reason this is happening; that Audyssey says one thing and my ears tell otherwise.
could it be that phase is inverted in the amplifier?
the amp is bridgeable, and i think that when an amp is bridged, one of the channels' phase is inverted; but the amp, as used, is not bridged.
it's used in stereo mode, and the only filter used is a 33Hz hi-pass.

anyone can enlighten me about this? i find it quite puzzling.
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