I got so much new music while I was waiting for my M100's, that I hadn't ordered from Amazon since the new speakers arrived. (Oh, never mind, they're so like 2013 already! I got 'em waaaay back in late November.)

I ordered 3 (kinda) cd's about a month ago

"Snapshot," by The Strypes.

I try to never order Interweb stuff from abroad, unless there is no alternative. (Russian boyfriends are a bear to find here, so I make a few exceptions.) The Strypes are the British "it" band of the moment. Gawd, why am I STILL falling for that. Sure, I got really lucky every now and then and found a life-long keeper, like Super Furry Animals---tread lightly on their catalog--- ask first.

This is not one of those. Look, idiot, you never really liked Blur or Paul Weller, or a number of other artists that Brits go nuts for, still. $22 for a Blur remaster? How many Brit prog bands have you spent $ on only to find out EXACTLY why you managed to get this far without having heard their music.

How many decades have I been a disappointed Anglophile? It all started with Gentle Giant, and I should have learned then. Nooooo, the closeted optimist still has hopes for a better revival of 60's Brit rock than The Strypes or The Vaccines.

Best one in recent years is Phoenix, and they're FRENCH!

Go figure.

The point: It was the only non-domestic shippment and it got here first, about 2.5 weeks from the order date.

CD #2: Kansas' first 11 albums, remastered, boxed set. It came almost a month after the order date (from PA to MA?!? )just to get back at me for getting 11 cd's and paying just $3.99 shipping for the whole "item." Bastards! In the 70's, my friends made fun of me for liking them. Ignats, all! If you happen to like them, the remasters are really worthwhile, at about $5 per album. No, they are not America's Yes! F'off!

The third cd was a used copy of Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories," for $5.99. I don't recall the seller, but there were a number of choices for around the same price.

I had given up on seeing it and was about to look into my sent emails to, um, look into it, but never had the time. Week five arrived, and so did Daft Punk.

The doorbell rang and it was Fed Ex, so I thought it was for Bill. He signed for it and, while walking toward me, said, "It's for you, from Venezuela." I never ordered any boyfriend from Venezuela, so it couldn't be paperwork for that. I opened it and there were pages and pages of 8.5 x 11" copies, AND Daft Punk.

The papers were forms with live dates and signatures from several "authorities." Also included was a photocopy of a guy's license, and another page with his fingerprints. Whoa! Daft Punk must really be something in Venezuela. I had no idea!
I'm glad they weren't relying on ME for that kind of attention!

Next time I order FROM "Amazon," I'll remember that, no matter where I order it from, it might actually come from there.
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