My Spring weather rant.

Wed. Night -- The Blizzard begins.

Thur. -- It continues and had developed into the worst blizzard since the one in 2004 dubbed "White Huan".

My power went off for a couple of hours but miraculously came back as we had just heard the power trucks had been pulled off the road. Some brave worker decided he was finishing his job before he went home, I guess. I wish I could shake his hand.

For a while, just before bed, I thought that the larger window facing the north was going to burst as it kept bubbling inwards. Who says glass is not flexible?

Fri. -- Clear. I drove to work after being blown out and drove through single lanes cut out through the 5 - 12' snow drifts in many places. Surprised the road is open. Drifts like that usually cripple snow plows and they have to bring in the big super-blowers to cut a path.

At work, I had to park my truck like a redneck, driven half up on a pile of bulldozed snow and ice as the few open spots were full, the street parking was not plowed yet and all the Parkades were full. Funny how the guys at work laughed at my parking or gave me praise while many of the gals just looked at me funny all day.

Friday evening -- More snow. Drove home on icy roads and poor visibility.

Sat. -- Nice day. Went snowshoeing. Came home to discover that we must have had a leak during the high winds of the blizzard as we had a slow drip coming from the ceiling over a dormer type window. Snow & wind was 'relatively' light on Friday so it must have blown in during the storm and slowly worked it's way down through the insulation. Wasn't serious but it's something I'll have to deal with.

Sun. Afternoon -- Freezing rain. Worst freezing rain in years even.
Lost power again a few times but never more than a couple of hours at a time. Those utility guys sure deserve praise!

Mon. -- I though Sunday was bad. I've never seen freezing rain like this. Everything looks like the Ice Queen in Narnia blew herself up in one last act of desperate vengeance.

I was stupid enough to try and work from home during all the flaky power and my Modem pretty much blew up. No flames that I saw but you could smell that icky, ozony, burnt electronics smell.

Lost power again in the evening for a few hours and again at night.

Today-- More Snow, More Wind!!!! Schools have been cancelled for the fifth day in a row.

The drift at the end of my driveway has to be 12 feet tall or more.

I remembered I had an old modem stashed away that I replaced because it lost it's settings every time the power flickered. I now have Internet again although my VPN to work isn't working. That would be convenient if only my Blackberry would also stop receiving emails too.

In all, I have to say that despite the frustration, my hat goes off to the Maritime Electric folks. I don't know how they keep up the constant task of replacing downed wires, downed pole, clearing downed trees of lines etc. I've even seen pictures where stretches of highway had multiple poles down in a row.

Somehow, they keep getting our power back on. I never felt the need to fire up the generator once.

I might even have to dust off my twitter account to send them some love. Great job guys!
With great power comes Awesome irresponsibility.