Returning to this forum after perhaps 5 years, it is great to see the long time forum members like JohnK, pmbuko, jakewash and many others still giving their objective views on Axiom products.

As life has moved on with so many ever increasing responsibilities, I realized its time to also acknowledge the little things that make the next day worth looking forward to.

The first thing I did was to stop logging into FB. There was so much time freed up after that. I began calling my friends and dear ones over the phone. The sound of their voices beats any social networking site.

The next thing was to go back to my prized possessions that put a smile on my face. I realized how much I missed listening to stereo music. The wife and kids were out one evening. It was time for Metallica, Led Zep, Norah Jones, Mark Knopfler etc. Listening for an hour was so good. These 2001 M3Tis still belt out superb midrange, great highs and sufficient lows. Michael Nyman's "The Heart asks Pleasure First" took me to a great high and "I Gioni" by Ludovico Einaudi nearly brought a tear to my eyes. There is no need to go in for another review. Enough has been spoken. These are simply fantastic, heirloom level speakers.

Do I intend to upgrade? No. I have what I need and more in these speakers.

Thank you to all the members of this great forum. You guys do wonderful work in small ways by supporting newbies and giving very very objective feedback. More importantly thank you Axiom for bringing great products at affordable prices for people in the third world too.