We have been doing some experimenting recently with a new look for our amps, DSPs, pre-amps, and integrated amps. We have landed on a wood front that everyone here seems to really like. A big advantage to these wood fronts is they can be made to match your Axiom speakers or your electronics cabinet or anything else you’d like. Everyone’s input on this new look would be greatly appreciated. The metal piece in the centre would be the same size for every model. The amps would have the power switch on one end and the blue LED on the other. The pre-amps, integrated amps, and DSPs would have all the additional controls between the power switch and LED.

3U Chassis in Maple

3U Chassis in Cherry

3U Chassis in Walnut

2U Chassis in Rosewood

In case you are asking yourself “what pre-amps and integrated amps?”; we have had one available in our line of DSPs in the Customize Yours section of our LFR Series Omnidirectional speakers for quite some time. We will now expand this to make it available as a separate pre-amp, integrated amp, or integrated zone amp.

Ian Colquhoun
President & Chief Engineer