I have owned Axiom speakers for years. I love them and have never regretted my purchase. I have 2 pairs of M3Ti book shelf speakers, a VP-50 centre, Harmon Kardon amplifier AVR-130 and a Polk Audio PSW125 subwoofer. I watch a lot of movies and find this set up awesome for my needs. I do also listen to music and it also sounds good. The only issue is that after doing some research i may have not set it up correctly and am wondering what I should do? My amp has several settings and I can set the frequency for every speaker. I also have options for big and small speaker and this is what I miss understood. From what I have read it does not mean whether it is a large or small speaker at all. It is for speakers that either play full range (large) and play frequencies under 100Hz. The other option small says it is for satelite speakers that are frequency limited and do not play frequencies under 100HZ. I am not able to find out what I would chose for my M3's and VP-50. I also am confused because when I chose either large or small I get more options for the subwoofer. When in small there are no options however when I chose large I have LFE and LFE right/left and from what I can gather it makes it so the sub plays the same frequencies as the front speakers or something like that. As you can tell I need help. I want the best sound of my 4 bookshelf speakers and centre. I also would like the best sounding base possible. I only picked up the sub 2 days ago as my other one finally died. I am also considering getting a second 8 inch sub (very good deal). That is another matter and will cross that bridge once I get the speakers and amplifier sorted out. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I apologize if i did not explain it properly. Happy new year!!

Oh and what frequencies should my fronts, rears and centre be set to? I can set anywhere from 40 to 200Hz. I also have a base management option that says global or independent. I do believe it is so I can have 2 separate settings for my speakers and can have 1 set to large and other to small. However I may be wrong. Thanks

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