I did a bad thing.....but it seems to be working.
It nagged me for a few days and I did it.

The addition of the 20" high shelves allowed me to place 2 subs below the rear seat but I didn't run them from the sub out. I've used my QS8' s as side surrounds set as large speakers and using the high pass filter in the first sub while daisy chained.
It took a fair bit of fine knob control/adjustment over the last few nights but it's pretty nice.

With the front two subs volume set lower and these two, also set lower, I have less boom and more tactile feel in my seats. Less noise, more smile/immersion.

I need to rerun YPAO for the other positions and work with it a bit more tomorrow but I have to say it was worth the effort.

4 adult seats in 2 rows in a narrow room, no obstructions from the front row with people seated.


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