I have not heard the model T. I hear they are exceptional sounding speakers, but I think you have figured out the part of diminishing return.

Are they better than the M100? I have been told yes.

I know that I would not be able to hear much difference if any at all as I know that my hearing is not the best and getting worse as I get older.

If you look at the spec, the speaker is said to be +/-3db 25hz to 20khz, where the M100 is realistically good down to 40hz. Brystons have the 8" drivers where Axioms come with 6.5". What are you listening to? But if that lower frequency register is very important for you, then quite honestly, you would be better off with a good tower speaker and a sub.

I have the LFT1100 and they have an awesome sound stage. I have a pair of EP500's on order that will likely bring me at least down to 18hz, but I am told that I might get lower as I have ordered a pair.

I personally will be willing to put my LFR1100s with the subs up against the Brystons. Heck, I'd be willing to say my LFRs without the sub probably sound better than the Brystons.

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