I've made a few changes this last go around and each one seemed to help raise my satisfaction level.
While the 148" 16/9 (@ 8' &12' distance) screen was nice for playing games it was hard to get pulled into a movie they way I'm accustomed to from the much smaller 50" plasma I compare it to.
I removed the kids size seat (theres ussually only two playing games at any one time anyway) and swapped the lazy boys and love seat so the love seats on the riser again. I pushed the lazy boys back tight with about a foot of free space for a partial recline. I gained at least a foot of viewing distance and now enjoy music, gaming and movies from the front row.
The 98" 16/9 image @ 9' and 13' is much better.
The last calibration I unplugged the single rear sub below the riser and behind the lazy boys. Once the calibration was done I adjusted the rear sub by feel with the built in crossover set at 50hz.
My side surrounds are close so I swapped the QS4'S back in to listen for a difference. I still preffer them over the QS8'S at ~5' away and ~5' high. They're still in line with my knees when seated, allows me to put my hands behind my head without blocking any detail.
I did stack my rears one speaker higher and now have the rough equivelent of an M2 in the top rear corners toed in towards the outsides of the two front seats.
The combination of the sound from the fronts (really do an exceptional job on there own) the sides and rears turned way down is damn near perfect at all volumes. The overhead effects must be in the movies, the sounds often support whats on screen without providing a scene specific to the location. Heavy foot falls above and rain are what they should be, believable.
I have plans to add some heavy curtains soon, will eventually try on all 4 sides, to see if/how it improves the reflections.
The subs are dialed in and sound right at any volume.
Otherwise I've left good enough alone. The towers are still where they've been for a year, components the same, etc.

Whats really messed up is how I've swapped back to subs during music playback but no subs during movies (late late night viewing). Very nice.

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