...on a budget

I'm still not 100% sure I'm going to replace my aging HK 630 but the lack of HDMI switching is really starting to suck. While all the latest bells and whistles would be great, missing HDMI and some of the latest formats (Dolby Digital Plus) are what's driving me to look.

Right now my 630 has no trouble driving my M80's, VP180, QS8s and QS4s. I'm worried thou about finding a new AVR that could power that now. It always seemed like those old HK's started life as a power supply then had everything else added to it. Looking these days the process seems to be reversed.

I would truly love to move into the world of dedicated amps but I have no budget for that. In fact I'm looking for a minor miracle in that I just can't spend more than 500 here. I would really love to find something for under 300 that could just get me by for a few years even but I think my 4 ohm requirement screws me there. So I guess I don't really need something super powerful or fancy. Just an AVR that won't die in 3 months from driving my speakers. Any recommendations would be appreciated.