The real cause (if there is any we will ever really know) of the bizarre weather of late doesn't really matter, does it?

In the past 8 weeks I have felt like Sibyl. I have been in Boston for a few days and almost a week here and there in Raleigh. Just as I got back here, I'd be back in Raleigh for a day or three, and even a daytrip to Savannah! This is wreaking havoc with my Seasonal Affect Disorder. I'm no longer sure about just when I should be depressed anymore.

Today I am in Moosonee. The ambient temperature is -6F and the wind child is -23F. Mr. Watson, who just turned 16, is not going to be happy, but he ain't goin' nowhere today but his yard.

Richard (Socketman) will laugh at me for being a woos, but, really? People live like this for months at a time? At a certain temperature, he probably stays home, because it's too cold for electricity to function.

Edit: No, I really mean it. I had to wait for the sun to be up for 3 hours this morning before the cones in my M100's would move. Three-season porch, my ass. They never DID tell which 3 seasons. It's cowald!

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