I am building a 7.2.4 in my living room (15*18*10) and have owned plenty of axiom speakers in the past. I will be using some paradigm millennia 200's for the l/r and millennia 20 for the center for the time being. The surrounds on the wall will be the on-wall M-3's (in white/gloss white). I believe the current "standard" is to timbre match the 4 in-ceilings with the M-3's.

My worry is that the M-3 in-ceilings are a new offering and I feel a little more comfortable at this time going with a company that has made in-ceilings for years. So any feedback on the M-3 in-ceilings which may want me to change my mind?

FYI the system will include two SVS SB-1000 subs (gloss white) and be powered by a denon 7200 or the anthem 1120 with a rotel 1095 powering the L/C/R and the two channels the receiver will need to get to 11 speakers from 9.

Eventually I will put in either an axiom, paradigm or B&W l/c/r (also in white/gloss white).

Temp.setup - 2.1 - Denon 1713 AVR, Denon 1713 BRD, Paradigm Cinema 200, and Monitor Audio 360 Sub