I recently moved, and previously I used the AA for about 2 days before packing it back into its original box. These two days the AA was perfect, both when connected to the power supply, and when operating in battery.

But now that I have unpacked it for a second time, there is this loud humm when the speaker is connected to the power supply. It its loud enough to prevent me to keep it plugged and on. I only plugged it with the AA off to charge the battery, then unplugged it to listen to it.

I know that the humm might be a very bad ground loop in the new house, but its so loud, that I got concerned. The 4-pin connector and the computer with DSP I would presume that it was kind of controlling better the bad grounds, but its loud.

I will have to get some measurements in the house to see how bad the ground is (electrically speaking), as one of the repairs the seller performed was to fix the grounding clamp of the house. But as nothing else in the house seems to be working abnormally or making noises, I am scared that something broke down during moving.

Any suggestion is welcome