Posting this here because I use Android .
Filled up a couple San disc mini usb drives with fresh MP3 music .
The Axiom Air has no trouble finding the files and displaying them .
When I select a song to play using the installed usb drive, I get errors in red ,that Axiom Air cant play the selected song on the usb .
The songs on the usb play fine on my computer and in my truck through a usb port on my trucks receiver .
The songs on the usb drive had no issues playing on the Axiom Air for well over a month but now I am getting these ( RED ) errors .
Thinking the issue was a cheap USB , I purchased two more 34 gig San Disc mini,s , filled them with music and tried to play the songs from the Axiom Air , but continue to get the red illuminated ..." Cant play " error for each song on the brand new usb .
I have more investigating to do . I have not re-booted and re-installed the latest software ,but I may try this next .
If you have any ideas or come across this , please pass along the fix or some suggestions .
Thanks !!

M60,s Vp160 , QS8,M3,s Svs 12 . Yammy 3063 ,Panamax 5100,PS3,Optima HD80 Axiom Air