More curious now .
I had the M80's I sat 14 ft away when they were up in my Living room sounded great imaging was great. My problem or issue with them was when I moved my gear downstairs to a to be movie room I then sit about 10' away. The speakers were about 9ft apart and about a ft off the side walls.
I did move them around experimenting. My 65" tv is 11 ft and 28" from bottom of tv to floor. No, I did not want to sit it on the floor nor any higher up as the middle is pretty well center to my seated position.
When seated my ears 36" off floor. Problem is/was the imagining was like 2ft off the floor. If I was in stereo sound the voice sounded like they were coming from the bottom of the TV. I asked once before if in some of the pics I see in the Hall of Fame if the stages were built to raise the M80's up to make that sound stage higher. I got all kind of replies. But am convinced now that was probably the reason. Why ??? because I have since sold them to my kid and replaced with M22 and subs. The M22 are on stands 22" high. Which basically puts the top of the M22 the same height. The image is perfect, right center to the screen. Alan Loft also mentioned this in his reply, easier to setup and also the low imaging of the M80, most likely due to the smaller room size.
What I am curious about is if I had the M60's if that would image higher than the M80. I really do not need M80 over the M60 anyways. But with the one tweeter, one Mid range that brings the Woofers up higher and more in line with the M22. Still liking the Towers for music no sub. But, I love to imagining better with these M22. There not going back regardless, but am curious maybe I can wall mount the M22 for movies and have the M60's for music.

Anthem AVM30
Anthem MCA50