I checked them out. Hilarious. I like how the higher end capacitors start to resemble some steampunk coaster shaped artifacts you'd go searching for in a video game like Bioshock. Awesome. Beeswax has power!!!!! laugh

After speaking to the designer a little more I get where Alan and Mojo are coming from a little better. He has a preference for certain parts over others, but said as long as the values are maintained that's the biggest part.... at first. Then when I pressed my luck he started to share some alchemy that leads to the whole 1+1=3 we all strive for. Sure, more expensive parts may be a 4, but I'd rather pay for combining two 1s to get closer. smile It turns out using certain combinations of parts yields better performance -for like a buck more. Kinda like tweaking your Honda. Not gonna make it a racecar, but for a few bucks more why not.

I fully understand how DIY speaker building becomes a hobby unto itself. So many variables and rabbit holes to chase through. And the $ goes as far as you wanna take it!