Hi everyone,

About 15-16 yrs ago I purchased the Epic 60 / 350 HT system. Wonderful, wonderful. We finished our basement last summer and they now reside in a theater-type room. I had to replace the amp in the sub (EP350) around that time. We've been using the room and running the volume the same as before (I think). Recently I have noticed some loud popping coming from the sub - mostly during very intense, deep LFEs. We just watched Iron Man and it happened when he demonstrates the Jericho missiles at the beginning of the film and a few times after. Yesterday I watched the opening 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan - volume at same level - did not experience the pops.

I'm wondering if the amp is more powerful that the original amp that shipped with the EP350 around 2000-2001 OR if I just need to back the sub volume down a little OR if I could keep everything the same and replace the old woofer with the latest in the EP350 series.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Best regards,