I have to admit, didn't think I'd want to upgrade this soon after my April jump to Axiom, but I'm enjoying my new speakers so much I'm thinking of expanding!

The question is 7.2 with rear surrounds (thinking M2's or M3's) or 5.2.2.

For 5.2.2 I have several options apparently. I could go with height speakers (front or back?) and would likely choose M2OW to match my current set-up. However, Dolby standard is to have ceiling speakers which I could accommodate but not sure what speaker to get (M3 ceiling?).

I still have my 6.1 speaker set from before Axiom (Yamaha AP5400's) so I'll likely play around with these first as they are easy to mount just about anywhere (even overhead) and I figure "ambiance" speakers are probably not critical to match.

Any thoughts or experience from owners who have tried both 7.2 and 5.2.2 and what brought most enjoyment?