Hey there !

I've been trying to figure out out to play downloaded playlist from play music on the AA through BubbleUPnP, but I can't seem to make it work. Bubble assumes PlayMusic is cloud only thus requiring an internet connection. However, if you're using the AA on the beach lets say the AA is int Hotspot mode, so in order to play music you have to connect to it, but then there's no network connection.

It's like a dog running after it's tail frown

So anyway I don't mind using any other app, but would there be a way to stream the googleplay offline playlist to the AA itself ?

Anybody by any chance figured this out?
It seems that based on the fact that google only wants us to use chromecast device, unless the AA would implement this, being an android user makes it difficult.

Unless having an apple device and using AirPlay, we seem kinda stuck.

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