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You can think of the AxiomAir section to be independent of the wireless broadcast, and we will be looking at offering the system without AxiomAir capability for those who'd like the option of a wireless subwoofer or wireless stereo speakers, sourced from an existing device or system.

Ooh, I would love to make my subwoofers wireless. If I could simply have a subwoofer control box that hooks up to the subwoofer output(s) of my receiver, along with wireless receivers for each of my subs, that would be my ideal. If a remote control for the box could select and deselect which subs are active, along with the ability to adjust volume levels, that would make the calibration process that much easier. Even more ideal would be the ability to power up and power down the subwoofers entirely with a remote. Not sure how much all of this functionality would cost, but hey, may as well put my wish list in.