It's Halloween weekend and I was watching "Ghostowns" and my synapses went to the forums. It's just gear talk, otherwise... Plus, someone may glean something useful, I hope.

My 8-year old TOTL Oink finally was too big a PITA. It had two (video) repairs, which still brought the total to nowhere near the list price, and I bought it factory recon for almost 1/2 list price w/a 1 year, P & L warrantee. I purchased it when I bought my M60, 7.1 system (ep500, QS 8's, VP 150) Unlike some of the lesser-priced AV receivers, it was 145w p.c., 8 ohms, ALL channels driven. A few months ago, it stopped being able go into "standby," so I had to plug it in and out, or it'd be on and hot 24/7.

After channels 5 & 6 were swept away by a magnetic wave storm, (just on my block) it was time to hunt for a replacement.

I found a 9.2 Integra, fact. recon., for an amazing price. And since it's Oink's up-brand, it came w/a 2-year P & L warrantee. Oddly, as separates, the pre-pro part of this lists for $2600. The AV receiver gives you nine 145w (all channels driven) amps, for $400 (list) more??!!!! Weird.

Anyway, the whole point was my surprise at its performance. It's not substantial, but, even with exactly the same specs as the Oink had, it has more guts across the entire spectrum that the Oink. It changed the bottom and specificity of the M100's. It's kick and speed of recovery offer a crispness that, along with the turbo punch they delivery was a total, and pleasant surprise. It's more refined and has brought my attention to subtleties that the Oink didn't handle quite as well.

Also, it will allow me to bridge the mains with the unused amps of ch's 8 & 9, to bring the per ch. power to the mains to almost 300w rms, and that's at an 8 ohm load. (Like I need it.) I would have been completely happy with a tit for tat, especially at the price. I got more than the Oink was in every way. Also, with 8-year old dollar buying power, I paid less than I did for the Oink 8 years ago. The 100's loved the Oink; they are IN love with the Integra. That makes two of us.

Hope you're all well and have a great holiday season. Every one of you.

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