Setup is as follows, very simple. Fios box and samsung bluray go through Denon AVR to TV. Denon is set for Fios box to be standby source. So I take a second samsung bluray, plug it directly into the TV, one connect box actually, And add it to the Samsung remote using the onscreen remote setup and all sorts of things go wrong. Firsti, the TV doesn't seem to,understand that there are 2 blurays even though one shouldnt even be accessible since its not switched on in the Denon. The functions operate both blurays at the same time. Maybe its because they are both samsung, i dont know. Then when you switch the source to go back to watching TV it somehow switched the Denon to the bluray source even though the Denon wasnt even involved, is still in standby mode and should be on the fios source. In order to watch tv again I have to turn the Denon on then back off. Im out of ideas and could really use some assistance. Who would have though you cant just plug in a bluray and turn it on?