I had my annual Thank-our-Creator dinners on the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving (turkeys not getting any younger and nothing good happens to the birds between Monday and Thursday.) Thank goodness for that!

On Thanksgiving morning I came downstairs and found my living room, kitchen, dining room and den turned into a wading pool. With waves. 2" of water which collected all night long.

Disastrous for subwoofers. EP600, EP500, EP400, HSU VTF2 MK5, Kenwood SW300, all stood in 2" of water. MDF swollen, vinyl separating, mold setting in.

My beautiful Klipsch Fortes also sat in the water. MDF swollen, veneer separating. My M80s are on outriggers and I think they survived. My console is water damaged, but water did not reach the Conrad Johnson amp, Sonic Frontiers preamp, or other electronics.

My new Dell XPS fried, carpets ruined, furniture sat in water overnight, happily it was clean water damage.

I'm having the Klipsch cabinets repaired and veneer replaced with a beautiful rosewood. Don't know what can be done for the subwoofers.

I'd post pictures except photobucket has turned into a bucket of you-know-what.

Servepro has pulled up the wood floors and cut the drywall. Downstairs is full of industrial type driers, fans and heaters. I just moved my office upstairs.

I also added a Studer-ReVox 10.5" reel-to-reel player/recorder to the Harman Kardon tube system playing through some wonderful Axiom M22s. I have to integrate a Klipsch subwoofer into that system.

Bummer! But, I will get a chance to do in wall wiring and cabling for the home theater system in the den.

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