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I am actually considering the Project Debut Carbon. They appear to priced in the $500 to $600 range which is what I am prepared to pay. Thanks for your input.

For me it was a toss-up between the Debut Carbon and the Rega RP1 - there is also a new RP2 in your price range which might be worth a look.

I had initially thought that the Debut Carbon DC replaced the older Debut Carbon (which I have) but AFAICS both models are still being sold, with DC selling for $50 over the base model. There is also the Esprit which comes with the new motor from DC model, plus 33/45 electronic switching and acrylic platter.

More info

AFAICS the Debut Carbon DC is the best bang-for-buck if you don't need the acrylic platter for moving coil cartridges. If you do think you might want to use an MC cartridge later that might be an argument for looking at the Rega units.

There seem to be surprisingly few direct comparisons between Debut Carbon and RP1/2 (just a lot of people who one one but not the other voicing their opinions), however it does seem likely that the two turntables do have somewhat different sounds, with preference leaning a bit towards the Rega units.

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