So I have been reading about this new HD vinyl that a group is looking to launch. Now the side that any vinyl record listener likes to point out is that it's analog so it sounds warmer than what you get with a CD.

So how will this new invention sound? In reading the process, they are taking the music and converting it into a digital sound so that they can create a 3d topographic map that is then laser cut into a press plate. The theory is that instead of just getting the vibration on the stylus on a 2d horizontal plane, they can cut also into the vertical plane as well and pack more data into the pressing to give a richer and fuller sound.

But this then begs me to ask, are you effectively turning the vinyl record into a psudo D/A converter and by that virtue shooting down the argument that the analog vinyl format is better (cleaner) as it gives music in its pure original form?

I guess you need to ask if any of the latest bands that are pressing records are doing the original recording in analog to begin with or are they using the more modern digital recording process that would give them unlimited track layer recording, lossless post production etc and then running that through some form of D/A to press the vinyl record? in that case would the argument of vinyl still stand as it was just digital ones and zeros. Gets me to envision those really bad graphics where they show a really blocky 16 square step sine wave beside a smooth "analog" one saying that digital clearly loses data.

Wonder how this new format will be taken by the audiophile public. eaten up or simply spit out.
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