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I understand that Axiom has moved even more of their production in-house (from offshore) over the last few years - good to see but probably brings some added costs as well.

I can attest to that first hand from my visit 2 weeks ago. 100% of the assembly is made in house and many of the parts are also manufactured onsite. I don't think the little electronic parts like resistors and capacitors are manufactured on site and are likely purchased in bulk, but their assembly onto the circuit boards are done by hand by Debbie smile Debbie also mentioned the only thing manufactured off-shore are the wire harnesses.

As for price increases, by moving manufacturing on-shore, Axiom has more control from a currency fluctuation and quality perspective but has to deal with higher labour and material costs.

The increase in costs is most evident when I get a cached page load up showing prices from 3-4 years ago getting me all excited and when I click "details", the current price shows up! Bummer, guess that second EP-500 I want will have to wait!

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