First I want give a big shout out to Ian and Debbie at Axiom for taking the time to answer my many many questions, You guys were patient and went above and beyond! Thank you smile
My name is Seth and I'm fairly new to Axiom Audio but very excited to learn and help others learn about this Amazing Canadian company! I was looking seriously into another brand from the U.S. to revamp my home theatre speakers. I realized that although a great product, to buy their line of speakers in Canada was crazy expensive. (Import, tariffs and tax fees kill us up here) So that started my mission to find a Canadian company that not only produced a top notch product but also an affordable and attainable one That's when I stumbled upon Axiom Audio! BOOM! Just what I was looking for. Fantastic product, affordable price, no hassle in home trial and excellent customer service.

The reason for this Facebook Group is to gain some publicity for Axiom Audio, share our Axiom knowledge with anyone interested, and show off axioms great Audio equipment. I can't wait to see your setups! Come on over and show me what you guys are running in your home theatre smile Lets support Canadians and get great Canadian home theatre products into Canadians homes!

See you at Axiom Audio Enthusiats Group!