As of last Friday I have started to receive almost daily follow-up emails from the side - not sure how to disable those without disabling all of the other emails from Axiom.

The emails seem to be triggered when you look at a product but don't make a purchase, and list the products you looked at.

That's not unusual (although most sites seem to be triggered only when you put/leave something in your cart) and I'm not complaining about the emails in general, but they are kind of excessive if you are active on the forum and looking at product descriptions to help answer questions from other posters.

Any ideas ? If I were king I would suppress the emails to anyone whose post count is over some threshold since anyone with that many posts probably already has a big pile of Axiom stuff and doesn't need to be reminded that they looked at something.

(from a convenience perspective looking up our loyalty balance would be fine, but from a security perspective I hate the idea of connecting systems that don't need to be connected just for convenience)

The emails I want to see are the ones about my recently ordered LFR1100's and ADA1500 smile

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